KickDown 96 “Denver Fight Force” – Play By Play

KickDown 96 – Denver Fight Force – September 9, 2011

By Mike Pisano

Fight 1 –  David Garcia vs Jeremy Leonard

Round 1 –  Garcia opened with body and leg kicks followed by a right hook to the head . Time and again Garcia got his offense off first and Leonard was too shaken and out of sorts to answer. A punch flurry finally dropped Leonard to the canvas where Garcia landed a thumping body kick and then smothered Leonard with ground and pound until he tapped at 54 seconds.
Fight 2 –  Dave Rascon vs Cory Eversman

Round 1 –  Both fighters looked fluid on their feet. Eversman tagged Rascon with a straight right which landed directly on the forehead. Rascon looked at him, laughed, and uncorked a left hook to the jaw, stunning Eversman and backing him into the cage. Rascon followed up with several more powerful strikes knocking Eversman down and out with another left at 19 seconds.
Fight 3 –  Charles Lewis vs Taj Ashaheed

Round 1 –  Lewis came out flat-footed and patient as he looked to counter with his hands at his sides. Ashaheed used a traditional boxing stance to dictate distance. Suddenly, Ashaheed charged in with punches, backing Lewis into the cage. Lewis went to the Thai clinch which he held to the end of the round while Ashaheed defended knees and worked punches to the body.
Round 2 – The round began slowly with Lewis looking tired and Ashaheed composed. Ashaheed finally let his hands go buckling Lewis with a body head combination. Ashaheed immediately took his back and tapped him with a rear naked. Time: 1:24.
Fight 4 – Tyrone Mason vs Doug Hoover

Round 1 –  Even before the opening bell chants of “Hoover” swept through the capacity crowd. Mason opened with a huge right hook to the head followed by a left which dropped Hoover. Hoover grabbed onto Mason and tried to secure a clinch while getting his bearings back. He returned to his feet where Mason kept the pressure on, the crowd roaring. Mason floored him once again with a right hook which punctuated a vicious flurry. Hoover instinctively grabbed a leg and looked to bring the fight to the ground, but Mason pushed him off and kept his distance allowing Hoover to stand back up. Mason then went right back to the striking pressure and quickly knocked him out with a one-two.
Fight 5 –  Michael Matthews vs Joshua Thomas

Round 1 –   Matthews moved straight in with a southpaw stance absorbing a Thomas head kick and a hard right left as he backed Thomas into the cage with strikes. He then reversed a Thomas takedown attempt off of a clinch and mounted Thomas before being bucked off. The grapple was back and forth, Thomas looking for a triangle and Matthews defending and turning a neck crank. Each fighter enjoyed top position but Matthews finished the round in Thomas’ guard looking to improve his position and continue his offensive momentum.
Round 2 – Matthews showed a great chin walking right through another head kick and two more hand strikes before clinching and getting a leg sweep takedown. Thomas reversed and the ground battle raged without pause as Matthews dug body shots and Thomas tried to set up submissions. Matthews took Thomas’ back at the ten second clap and wanted a rear naked attempt but the bell sounded to the frenzied appreciation of the crowd.
Round 3 – Thomas looked gassed with blood dripping from his nose. Matthews landed a huge body kick and followed with a flurry which caused Thomas to stoop over and protect. Matthew kept the attack going. Suddenly, Thomas let go of some wild punches of his own and it was all out war for several moments. Finally, the fight went to the mat where Matthews went for a Kimura before transitioning to full mount and pounding Thomas out. Time: 2:18.
Fight 6 –  Justin O’Hara vs Brandon Royval

Round 1 –  Royval came out quickly with a series of kicks. O’Hara clinched and swept Royval to the ground. Royval, from guard, applied a triangle lock and extended O’Hara’s arm. The fighters rolled as O’Hara gamely tried to free his head with his corner shouting “hammer fist Justin!” After another roll, O’Hara was forced to tap. Time: 1:25.
Fight 7 –  Josh Goldberger vs Joe Miles

Round 1–  Goldberger came out with a right hook to the body then pulled Miles into his guard and rolled him. On the mat he held side control turning Miles to his right, over and over. Miles fought off of his back, avoiding full mount until the bell.
Round 2 –  Goldberger punched his way in and forced a clinch against the cage. Both fighters worked, Goldberger with body bunches and Miles with knees. Miles stuffed a Goldberger take down attempt. The fighters broke and then clinched again. Miles fought off another Goldberger takedown attempt.
Round 3 –  Goldberger got a running start and took Miles to his back with a double leg. From Mile’s half guard he tried to set up submissions. Miles’ corner screamed instructions. Finally, around the 10 second clap, Goldberger isolated Miles’ right arm and tried to lock out an arm bar but he couldn’t beat the bell. Judges: 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.
Fight 8-   Larry Williams vs Andrew Hoogeboom

Round 1 –  Hoogeboom came out with big right hands and body kicks. Williams displayed elusive quickness dodging his opponent’s offense and moving inside. Williams defended a series of knees and reached down for a double leg take down but Hoogeboom lowered his base and secured underhooks. Williams abandoned the takedown then unloaded powerful uppercuts. He then pulled Hoogeboom’s head down and landed a devastating leaping knee to the body which crumpled Hoogeboom and ended the fight. Time: 1:11.
Fight 9 –  Vellore Caballero vs Lee Bowman

Round 1 –  Bowman surprised Caballero with a wild right hand off the glove touch. He loaded up another  and immediately tagged Caballero on the left cheek. Caballero showed his experience by staying patient and focused. Caballero then scored with a good right counter to a Bowman superman punch. Seconds later a Caballero right uppercut found the mark. He then used two loud snapping leg kicks to bring Bowman’s guard down and knocked him out with a right hand. Time: 1:54.


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