UFC 117

I dont know about you, but I am really looking forward to this card. Maybe its just Sonnen’s promotion, but I think he stands a chance. Not sure he can pull off the win, but I think this fight will have Silva’s hands more full than he’s had them since , well…maybe ever. I almost said the Chonen fight, but I think although beautiful, he got lucky with that heel hook. At any rate, this should be a good fight. 

Lets not forget Fitch/Alves and Hughes/Almeida. Im ready already!

Check out the card and know we’ll be talking about it Sunday…

UFC 117

 Oakland, California

-Anderson Silva  vs. Chael Sonnen

-Jon Fitch  vs. Thiago Alves

-Clay Guida  vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

-Matt Hughes  vs. Ricardo Almeida

-Junior dos Santos  vs. Roy Nelson

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