4 Surefire Ways For No-Nonsense Fitness Strength Training

4 Surefire Ways For No-Nonsense Fitness Strength Training

A part of me didn’t wanna write this and it was a really close call. But after some thought I decided to write this…

I mean, I’m a Toronto boy at heart. And I’ve got a strong East Coast work ethic that’s gotten me pretty far. So when I learned this secret, and how much “elbow grease” it can do for you…

Well, I thought I’d be cheating you out of the necessary bumps and bruises it takes to get good at this “Fitness Strength Training & Conditioning Stuff”

But after I thought about it I reconsidered – frankly, if I could go back I’d jump at the chance to get a real pro to do all the work for me. So here’s the story…

Years ago when I was starting to get into fitness strength training & conditioning to boost my energy levels, looks, and health, I met this guy named Eric online.

What’s crazy is that meeting this ‘random’ guy changed my life. He knew a lot about fitness strength training , conditioning and even had his own book published on MMA fitness and how to get ripped super-fast.

Turns out that this crazy guy used to train UFC fighters! I was pretty fortunate to meet a fitness strength training & conditioning coach of that caliber. I gained invaluable information through chatting with him and reading his book.

My talks with him about fitness were very unconventional. But his methods really worked like anything I hadn’t ever experienced before.

It’s because Eric taught me how to automate my fitness strength training regimen. Sounds kinda funny but I’ll explain.

You see, most people go to the gym and lift weights, maybe run a bit, play a sport, etc. They spend a lot of time exercising and don’t give it much thought.

Remember that time in life where you expended energy, you were persistent, and you planned ahead of time?

You probably got better results this way. Imagine not putting much thought into your work or family life, or finances. Unfortunately, this is how most people exercise and fitness train…Without giving much thought to it.

So Eric taught me to set up a fitness strength training & conditioning system to virtually put my exercising on auto-pilot.

With an auto-pilot system that was created with a pro’s hard work, it’s awesome because you can just follow it… Without placing much thinking into it. You can focus on action and action gets results. You’re simply replicating a system people use who are already successful and there’s nothing to figure out.

So what do you have to do? 4 secret tips to fitness strength training & conditioning success…

1. Whatever muscle group you are targeting, write down 8 different workouts you can do. Stick to a group of 4 at a time, then after 2 months, switch to the second group of 4 exercises.

A key way to get incredibly fast, lasting strength and conditioning results, is by routinely changing up your workouts. Variability is the #1 key to success. Working out different parts of your muscles will ensure they rebuild differently while you’re not working out. An absolutely amazing auto-pilot way to build strength and conditioning.

Try to find boxing fitness & MMA workouts as these are intense and most training is done in intervals.

2. Get the self-discipline to include consistency. Often overlooked by many fitness trainers, consistency is the way to keep your results long-term and keep climbing the ladder to fitness success.

3. Track the progress of your results. If things aren’t going as planned you can change things up.

Planning work isn’t the most fun exercise but it’s crucial. Be realistic. Find out what other people have achieved and set goals. If you can’t reach them, reflect on whether you’ve been consistent and variable in your workouts. Keep refining.

Planning and writing things down will ensure you stay on track. It’s a way to automate your conditioning & fitness strength training without worrying about results… Because if you follow, you’ll get the results as it’s been proven. Once you do the initial planning, there’s no work involved.

4. Look at what experts are doing. Do a google search, read about Will Smith and how he got super-fit for the movie Ali. This is just an example but you probably understand what I’m getting at. Do what successful people are doing. They all had one thing in common… Disciplined systems to follow. It’s simple.

Combining these is like having a 100% automated fitness strength training program that’s guaranteed to work. My buddy Eric is actually one of the most innovative guys on the planet when it comes to this stuff.

But I still kinda feel like I’m giving you a cheat sheet before a test; or helping you find someone to do your homework for you…

There are many strategies for conditioning & fitness strength training. But nothing else makes sense once you learn about techniques from MMA & boxing athletes for getting lightening fast fitness results. To discover a weekly step-by-step system for real hardcore results, sign up right now for the FREE “Unparalleled Fitness” Newsletter. To find out exactly how to do that go here: http://www.mmaboxingfitness.com

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