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Making the jump this Saturday night from Promoter to fighter, Kick Down’s front man, Steve Alley enters the cage to bring you : STEVE ALLEY VS MICAH ROMERO KICK DOWN 114 “DREAM”




FIGHTFAN: You have an event coming up on Saturday June 7th at the Double tree Hotel and like the shows you do there in KICK DOWN MMA this one is different. You are the promoter and you will be fighting on the same night also?


STEVE ALLEY: Yes it will be a great night and I will be making my MMA debut against Micah Romero.

The fight will be in the middleweight division.


FIGHTFAN: So you will be doing the event as usual but you are also fighting?


STEVE ALLEY: Yes I am, it is something I have always wanted to do and thankfully Micah Romero stepped up where others would not.


FIGHTFAN: How is the training going?


STEVE ALLEY: It is good but I have been sick a couple of times with a cold and finally about a week ago went and got some antibiotics and things are better but my opponent had been dealing with the same thing. I have not gotten in as much training as I would like but nothing will stop me from getting in there June 7th. The odd thing is that many of those that I had trained or trained with are doing other things so other than some limited sparring I have truly been training myself and making a lot of it.


FIGHTFAN: How difficult is it to not only put the show together, ring announce, do the play by play and fight the same night?


STEVE ALLEY: Well I have never done all of that so I don’t know yet. I just hope by the time the fight happens the nerves and breathing don’t shut me down……..that is my biggest concern. There have been many promoters fight on their own show but maybe not with all of the things happening at Kick Down 114.


FIGHTFAN: You have been in the MMA field doing events, announcing, play by play, match making, just about every facet of the sport including media. What if anything have you learned from this specific experience?


Steve Alley: I always knew that the fighters went through a lot but there is so much more to it than the general public thinks there is. You disrupt your personal and business life, cut weight, train, think about it a lot and what I have learned is too maybe consider what everyone goes through just a little more than I might have before. Having trained many fighters I always had a good understanding but now I have a greater understanding. Also, just because you train fighters it does not make you a fighter. I heard someone once say the worst fighters make the best trainers…..I do not know what truth there is to that.


FIGHTFAN: So let’s set the table. In a perfect setting on Saturday June 7, 2014 what would you like to see happen in your fight?


STEVE ALLEY: I would want everyone to know that I am doing this because I want to and to also send a message to everyone out there that regardless of obstacles, age, and circumstances anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. I just want to put up what people would consider a good showing so they know that I put everything into it and also respect anyone who has ever been a part of Kick Down MMA. Obviously to get a fast win would be ideal but if it were to go to a decision being the oldest fighter in the history of the promotion would not feel too bad either.


FIGHTFAN: What do you know about your opponent and if you could say anything to Micah Romero what would it be.


STEVE ALLEY: He has fought once and he trains at 303 South and is trained by Joey Guerra who is a good fighter himself, so I expect he has trained a lot more for this fight. It is a very good match up for both he and I. What would I say to Micah Romero? Thank you for being there to fight and much respect goes out either way no matter what happens. Win or lose I am grateful to get a chance.


FIGHTFAN: Any final thought or more you would like to say?


STEVE ALLEY: Thanks to you Verne and everyone for the support and kind words. I look forward to seeing many of my old friends from years gone by and new fans at Kick Down 114. As always I am grateful to be here. I live a charmed life.


FIGHTFAN: Steve, as always, thanks for everything.





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