Matt Brown Still Contemplating His Fighting Future After Teasing Retirement

Matt Brown knew retiring from mixed martial arts was going to be a tough call.

For a person who has been fighting all his life — whether through personal turmoil or during a career in MMA that has spanned more than a decade — Brown was born and bred to go to battle.

Ahead of his last fight with Diego Sanchez, Brown announced that he would be calling it a career afterwards because making that declaration was the only way he’d really stick to the plan.

What followed was a tremendous training camp that reinvigorated his love of the sport and Brown capped it all off with an eye popping knockout as he slammed home an elbow strike that sent Sanchez falling as if his bones had just been removed from his body and there was nothing left to support his frame as he crashed to the canvas.

The knockout earned Brown another $50,000 bonus — the sixth time he’s won an award like that in the UFC — and it left him wondering if there still wasn’t a little more fight left in him after all.

Now a few weeks removed from the victory, Brown is still contemplating his future as he decides if he’s ready to make one more run at the top of the welterweight division or if it’s time to truly call it a career and move onto new endeavors.

“I can’t say I have an answer right now to be honest. I really just need to think about it a lot more. Like I said before the fight, I’m not going to come back for one fight. I’m not going to come back to just do a fight. If I come back, it’s going to be for a title run,” Brown said on his podcast. “I know that I have it in me. I’m not going to try to sit here and convince people, they either believe me or they don’t.

“I have the f–king tools, skills, everything that I need to be a champion. I didn’t accomplish that and that’s what bothers me. I haven’t accomplished what I’m capable of accomplishing. So that’s my motivator and driver to come back.”

As much as Brown knows he has unfinished business inside the Octagon with the confidence that he could climb back up the rankings if he truly dedicated himself, he also has to see the other side of this argument.

To fight for a UFC title, Brown would have to give up time with his wife and three children. He would need to become a very selfish person because that’s what it takes to truly get ready for any fight, much less preparing to face the best of the best in the welterweight division.

That’s where Brown is torn with his decision on fighting again or retiring because his decision will affect more people than just the guy stepping back into the Octagon or not.

“Whether I have the energy, time, if I’m willing to sacrifice that time away from my children, that time away from my family, my wife, that’s another thing,” Brown admitted. “That’s where I’ve got to put it all together and say is it really worth all that.

“Cause to go for a championship run, I don’t how other guys do it but for me that requires an intense dedication and sacrifice and [my family] has to sacrifice with me.”

As of now, Brown is just enjoying life and preparing for the holidays while tackling a few new business ventures outside the cage. Perhaps the best part about the situation is that the Ohio native is in a good place to figure out what comes next, no matter what he decides.

Right now, Brown is coming off a potential ‘knockout of the year’ candidate, which would put him into position for a big fight or he can ride off into the sunset knowing that he just beat a legend in Sanchez in his final trip inside the Octagon.

“That’s something that just needs to be thought about and pondered on and talked about with the wife and the family and close friends,” Brown said about his ultimate decision. “You’ve just got to go all in one way.”

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Despite Losing Fighters to UFC, Invicta FC Plans for Biggest Year Ever in 2018

While Invicta FC didn’t quite accomplish everything it had hoped for 2017, the company expanded into hosting more events than any other year prior and sent a wealth of talent to the UFC.

Prior to Invicta’s final event of 2017, company President Shannon Knapp discussed the year the promotion had overall and what she is most pleased they accomplished this year. Firstly, Shannon, sum up this year and how you feel 2017 turned out for Invicta.

Shannon Knapp: 2017 was a good year for Invicta. I think every year is a good year. It gets better and better. We did six events this year, and I think that’s the most we’ve done in a year. We’re looking at doing eight in 2018. I think we continue to move forward.

We had some projects that we wanted to get off the ground in 2017 that have been a little delayed, but other than that we’re looking forward to the new stuff coming into 2018, which I think will be an even better year. Invicta sent quite a few fighters, including 145-pound champion Megan Anderson and 135-pound titleholder Tonya Evinger, to the UFC this year. How has the promotion handled the flow of fighters coming in and out of it in 2017?

Shannon Knapp: Honestly, I have to say one of the things I’m most proud of is that we’re able to land on our feet. When we do have those situations where athletes move in and out, I like the fact that we’re able to provide the opportunity for these athletes to grow and hone their skills so a promotion like the UFC comes knocking.

It becomes a bittersweet thing. I think it makes us stay on our toes, but also that movement opens up spots and creates opportunities for young athletes. They are the future of our sport, so to be part of that is probably the biggest, most rewarding, thing.

With that movement going on, seeing this young talent and seeing how talented they really are is something that I will take away from this year. I’ve gotten a better look at what the young, young talent looks like out there, and it’s promising – extremely promising. Let’s talk about the upcoming Invicta on Dec. 8 in Las Vegas. What are your thoughts on the card, specifically the flyweight championship main event bout?

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Shannon Knapp: I think it’s really turned into a really solid card. We’ve got the top two 125-pounders (in Jennifer Maia and Agnieszka Niedzwiedz) fighting in the main event. That fight really is going to tell you who the best 125-pounder in the world is. I’m really happy to have that fight on this card, especially coming after the point the UFC just crowned their new champion. Thanks for taking time out for us, Shannon. Is there anything you want to say in closing about what’s on tap for 2018 for Invicta?

Shannon Knapp: We have a lot going on. We’re still working on the boxing. It’s going to be a little later than I had hoped to launch it. As I start to finalize things for 2018, it’s going to be good. I think we have a lot going on and we hope to make some big strides this next year and do some great things.

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Angela Magana Charges Sexism for Early Stoppage of Her UFC 218 Bout

UFC strawweight Angela Magana’s major claim to fame is her UFC Athlete Retreat scuffle with now-featherweight-champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino… that and her penchant for Twitter rants. (Watch the altercation, which was caught on video, here.)

It’s the latter that’s got her back in the headlines on Monday following her fifth consecutive defeat.

Amanda Cooper beat Magana down into a late second-round TKO stoppage, but “Her Majesty,” as Magana is want to call herself, feels like she wasn’t given every opportunity to fight her way out of the bad position, at least, she wasn’t afforded as much opportunity as her male counterparts.

“I need to walk in the cage with a banana in my shorts and a crew cut then maybe the ref will let the fight go. Men can (expletive) tap out from strikes get hit and the ref wont stop it till 7 shots later after near death expierence #equalrightsinfights #letthegirlstakebeatingstoo,” Magana wrote on Twitter on Sunday, insinuating that referee Keith Petersen stopped the fight sooner than he should have because Magana is a woman.

To be fair, the 34-year-old Magana, didn’t claim that she was going to be able to mount any sensible comeback, she just wanted to be afforded the opportunity to try, or at least to take a few more shots to the head before the fight was called.

“Amanda was (expletive) bashing me overpowering me, I wasnt rocked still moving was completely aware I immediately sat back bitched at ref. Heard my corner yell out I had less than 30 seconds. I was thugging it out hoping for a 3rd have a chance back on my feet again,” she continued.

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“In no way by wanting another round am I taking anything from Amanda, in fact her dominance of me could have been far worst I just wanted that opportunity to let that transpire and have another go.”

In fact, Magana went on to post a couple pictures of the swelling that Cooper’s onslaught did to her face, even posting two angles of the punishment, which she claimed still didn’t show the full effect of the beating she took.

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Rising Star Sean O’Malley Could Be Sidelined for 6 Months Following TUF 26 Finale

Nicco Montano was a longshot to win The Ultimate Fighter 26 and become the UFC’s inaugural women’s flyweight champion, but that’s exactly what she did. 

Montano came out smelling like a rose, winning the championship, taking home a $100,000 payday, earning a $50,000 bonus check for being part of the Fight of the Night, and avoiding a medical suspension.

Her opponent in the Finale wasn’t the one that had been planned, Sijara Eubanks. She was struck with medical issues while trying to make weight, so Roxanne Modafferi stepped in. 

Roxanne Modafferi TUF 26 Finale PostWhile Modafferi was unable to capture the belt, she also earned a $100,000 payday and a $50,000 bonus for her part in the Fight of the Night, but she couldn’t avoid a medical suspension. 

The fight between Montano and Modafferi was a tough, bloody bout that went the distance, falling in Montano’s favor. In the end, Modafferi was issued a 30-day medical suspension. 

Several other fighters on the card were suspected to have suffered injuries and were thus issued potential six-month suspensions, pending medical clearance.

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission issued the TUF 26 Finale medical suspensions on Monday.

The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale took place on Friday, Dec. 1, at the Park Theater in Las Vegas.

The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale Medical Suspensions

  • Roxanne Modafferi: Suspended until Jan. 1, 2018, with no contact prior to Dec. 23.
  • Sean O’Malley: Must have his left hand and left foot x-rayed. If either is positive, he must be cleared by an orthopedic doctor or he is suspended until May 31, 2018.
  • Terrion Ware: Suspended until Dec. 23 with no contact prior to Dec. 16.
  • Barb Honchak: Must have her right hand x-rayed. If positive, she must be cleared by an orthopedic doctor or she is suspended until May 31, 2018.
  • Eric Spicely: Suspended until Jan. 16, 2018, with no contact prior to Jan. 1.
  • Melinda Fabian: Must have broken left thumb cleared by an orthopedic doctor or she is suspended until May 31, 2018. She faces a minimum suspension until Dec. 23 with no contact prior to Dec. 16.
  • Ryan Janes: Suspended until Jan. 10, 2018, with no contact prior to Dec. 23 because of a tough fight.
  • Andrew Sanchez: Suspended until Jan. 16, 2018, with no contact prior to Jan. 1 because of a lip laceration.
  • Ariel Beck: Must have her left wrist x-rayed. If positive, she must be cleared by an orthopedic doctor or she is suspended until May 31, 2018. She faces a minimum suspension until Jan. 16, 2018, with no contact prior to Jan. 1, 2018.

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