UFC Free Fight Video: Jose Aldo Finishes Chan Sung Jung



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Jordan Griffin KOTC

KOTC Champ Jordan Griffin Standing Up, Making…

Having won 11 of his last 12 bouts, King of the Cage champion Jordan Griffin is forcing people to take notice.

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KOTC Champ Jordan Griffin Standing Up, Making Others Take Notice

Featherweight Jordan Griffin knows how to rebound from disappointment and put himself on a good path.

After starting his career with three losses in his first four fights, Griffin went on a seven-fight winning streak over the next couple years. Most recently, he has once again put together a four-fight streak after a loss to close out 2014. In the process, he has also become the King of the Cage 145-pound champion.

“I think after losing by rear naked choke to Dan Moret, I didn’t start out (2015) until mid-year and had four fights in seven months,” Griffin told MMAWeekly.com. “The biggest change was we worked on my conditioning, drilling, and technique.

“I’m more consistent with my finishes now and I’m looking to continue to do that in 2016.”

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Most recently, Griffin picked up a defense of his KOTC title on Nov. 14 against Justin Likness via second-round TKO.

“I’m not walking into things,” said Griffin. “Guys get in there and just go right to it and want to fight right away. I kind of really studied (Likness’) habits going into that one.

“He had all submission (wins), but none of his fights were at (featherweight), and he had never made it past the first round or just a couple minutes into the second, so I just waited until the second round, laid back and let the clock do the work.”

With a four-fight winning streak in hand, Griffin’s focus is towards continuing his recent success and taking the steps needed to move up to the next level in 2016.

“I’ll try to fit in as many fights as I can take,” said Griffin. “Whoever they line up for me is next, I’ll do it.

“The last couple guys I fought had winning records, so I’m fighting more talented guys, but I wouldn’t mind going back to the RFA and try winning a couple and maybe go for a title. I look at KOTC, RFA, and Titan as that talent pool, and I kind of think of everything that’s on AXS TV or Fight Pass are the ones that really get looked at.”

(Photo courtesy of King of the Cage)

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Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/kotc-champ-jordan-griffin-standing-up-making-others-take-notice


Benson Henderson to Test Free Agent Market; Will He Leave the UFC?

Benson Henderson completed the last fight on his eight-bout UFC contract when he defeated Jorge Masvidal at UFC Fight Night 79 on Saturday in Seoul, South Korea. In his post-fight actions in the Octagon, he alluded to the idea that he might be ready to step out and test the free agent market.

Well, it wasn’t just an allusion.

In between comments, Henderson took off his gloves and set them down on the canvas; generally an indication that a fighter is done competing. But after saying into the camera, “Was that impressive enough for you?” he picked up his gloves and walked out of the Octagon.

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Benson Henderson UFC Broomfield WO4 750He later confirmed to MMAJunkie.com that there was a reason for night signing a new UFC contract prior to the Masvidal bout, he intends to swim with the sharks in the free agent waters.

“When I retire, it will be retiring in the UFC, I know that for sure,” he said. “But I’m going to test the market, yes.”

Henderson didn’t exactly state that he would be fighting elsewhere once contract negotiations play out, but he has certainly blown the door wide open for such a possiblity.

“I’m not trying to send any message of any type, but if it plays out a certain way, I want to have some pretty good memories to go out on,” he said.

Several former UFC fighters have recently signed with Bellator, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Henderson were to follow suit. Phil Davis, Josh Thomson, and Josh Koscheck are all currently flying the Bellator, but another intriguing possibility could be Asian fight promotion ONE Championship (formerly ONE FC).

A match-up with current ONE welterweight champion Ben Askren would be a solid bout for both men, and continuing to fight in Asia is certainly something that Henderson might enjoy. For his part, it certainly sounds as if Askren is lobbying for his employer to make the move. 

For now, however, Henderson’s next move remains in limbo, as he just finished his contract, and the UFC typically has a 90-day exclusive negotiating window with most of its fighters.

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Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/benson-henderson-to-test-free-agent-market-will-he-leave-the-ufc


How Ronda Rousey is the UFC’s Version of the WWE’s John Cena

What do Ronda Rousey and John Cena have in common? Turns out, a lot. And it’s more than great abs, a nice tan and late-night talk show appearances.

Many parallels undoubtedly exist between the WWE and the UFC. Both involve half-naked men and women grappling for superiority. Both organizations are run by egomaniacs who thrive on power. And both of the sport’s top stars are absolutely loved — and hated — by the fans.

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In taking a whooping of epic proportions at the hands of Holly Holm, Rousey recently reminded us of three things: No one is unbeatable, UFC fans are more fair-weathered than Colin Kaepernick fans, and that armbars don’t work when you are eating fists for five minutes straight.

But she’s not alone in her journey. She actually has a male doppelganger in the form of WWE star Cena, also a polarizing individual that everyone loves to hate on. And there’s good reason. These two have a lot in common.

Both lack great standup

Have you ever seen John Cena thrown a right hand? He resembles a fat kid swinging a stick at a piñata at a birthday party. But without the stick. Cena has a milli0n dollar-body and a 10-cent right hand. If I had a nickel for every real-looking, right-handed punch Cena ever threw, well, I’d have a nickel, because I am sure there was at least one time when he was going for a clothesline and accidentally hit someone in the face. Suspension of disbelief goes out the window when Cena swings, but at least he doesn’t fall down when he throws a punch like our beloved Bronze medalist. Rousey doesn’t really have bad stand-up compared to every other female MMA fighter not raised by a preacher. She’s knocked out some girls and done it impressively. But her standup, like Cena’s, needs some work.

Both got killed against better fighters

Everyone from Lady Gaga to a pinhead running for president knows about Rousey’s beatdown in Brisbane. No one saw that coming. Well Cena, at Summerslam 2014, was the recipient of his own stunning spanking — against Brock Lesnar. Typically PPV main events go this way (well if you have a good booker in charge): The bad guy gets the upper-hand early, getting the crowed riled up, slowly building up to the good guy turning the tables and fighting back against the odds. Just when you think your fan favorite might pull off the victory, the bad guy pulls hair, gouges eyes, or throws salt in the other guy’s face while the referee isn’t looking. It looks like the bad guy is going to win and prevail unethically, but the good guy, feeding off the positive energy and cheers from the fans, rallies and somehow pulls out the victory, sending the crowd home happy and the TV viewers wanting to order the next PPV.

But on Aug. 17, 2014, it didn’t go down that way. Lesnar DESTROYED CENA, breaking the formula for how to book PPV main events. It was a total squash. It was like Vince McMahon said “I don’t care about the little children in the audience going home happy. I am going to ruin your day just because I can.”

Lesnar whipped Cena in 16:14, in a one-sided squash match that buried Cena and turned Lesnar into an even bigger star. It’s one of the stiffest matches you will ever seen in professional wrestling, at least in the United States. Cena got in about as much offense as Peyton Manning did in the Super Bowl that year. The world was stunned. Sound familiar?

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Both were overpushed

Anyone who has watched a WWE event live or on television knows this to be true: women and children cheer Cena like he’s Justin Bieber. Adult men boo Cena like he’s Justin Bieber. Why would anyone boo a hard-working, in-shape, decent guy who loves professional wrestling? Well, because wrestling fans have had no choice for much of the last decade.

You see, Cena sells T-Shirts. LOTS OF THEM. Try walking around a mall in any major city in America. You will see some little kid wearing a “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect,” “Never Give Up,” “Rise Above Hate” or any other of the 632 multi-colored Cena T-shirts that the WWE markets. Cena is a CASH-COW, which means he’s been shoved down our throats for more than a decade, leading to a backlash among fans who carry signs that say “Cena-Nuff” at live events. So Cena will always be in the main angles on WWE television because he moves merchandise. Just like Rousey.

Rousey sells PPVs. So when UFC President Dana White figured that out, he’s focused the entire company around Rousey, and treated her like she’s the greatest thing since Chael Sonnen. Rousey fought SEVEN times in less than three years, from 2013 to 2015. Her loss to Holm was her third fight in 2015.

Rousey needed a break, but she didn’t get one because White wanted to squeeze one more fight out of her before she went off to make some movies. So it’s only natural that fans are going to jump off the Rousey bandwagon after her first loss. Everyone, Rousey included, made us think she was invincible, and when the “invincible” fall, people are going to cheer.

Both Will Rise Again

Cena is on the shelf right now because the WWE is trying to shove a different wrestler, Roman Reigns, down our throats. Only problem is Reigns lacks charisma, promo skills, wrestling ability and catch-phrases to put on T-Shirts. Unless there’s a sex tape out there where he is hurling racial slurs, Cena is, and always will be, the man in the WWE. Expect him to main event next year’s WrestleMania, and at 38 years old, be around for a long, long time. Just like Rousey.

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Once Rousey pulls herself out of her rut and wakes up again, she is going to come after Holm like Charles Bronson after the bad guys. Just like Holm studied and prepared for Rousey, Rousey can study and prepare for Holm. Make no mistake about it; if ,and when, Rousey gets Holm to the mat, Rousey will try to snap that arm like a Slim Jim. Now that Rousey knows that Holm owns her in the stand-up, expect Ronda to pull out the Chael Sonnen playbook and take Holm down at the waist and grind her way to a victory. If Rousey gets ahold of that arm, the shards of bone will fly into the cheap seats of the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Can Rousey come back? Yes. Holm has been knocked out before and looked less than impressive in her two prior UFC wins before Rousey. Rousey is where the money is, and there’s no doubt she’ll have a newfound hunger to be the best again.

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Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/how-ronda-rousey-is-the-ufcs-version-of-the-wwes-john-cena


UFC Fight Night 79 Results: Alberto Mina Survives Yoshihiro Akiyama in South Korea

The Ultimate Fighting Championship landed in Seoul this week for UFC Fight Night 79: Henderson vs. Masvidal, the promotion’s first stop in South Korea. It also marked Yoshihiro Akiyama’s first fight in the Octagon in more than a year, as he stepped in with Alberto Mina.

A South Korean-Japanese fighter, Akiyama hadn’t fought in 14 months, since he defeated Amir Sadollah in Japan. But returning against Mina, who entered the fight undefeated, would be no easy task.

The first round was close, as both men spent much of the round trying to find a comfortable range for their striking. Mina was searching for the distance with his boxing, which he controlled for the better part of the round, although he didn’t land a lot of significant strikes.

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They traded several leg kicks in the opening round, although Akiyama took the advantage there. The effects of the low kicks didn’t really surface until the beginning of the second frame, when the welts and bruising began to show on Mina’s lead leg and he started to favor it a bit.

Akiyama vs MinaAkiyama started round two strong, landing more stinging leg kicks and working his jab. But just as it looked like Akiyama might take full control of the fight, Mina stormed him, landing some big punches that rocked Akiyama and eventually sent him to the canvas.

Mina followed him down, winging punches, but Akiyama quickly regained his feet, all the while taking punches to the face. Mina got him back to the mat and took Akiyama’s back, but ran out of time to attempt a submission.

Round two was, by far, Mina’s best, but as the third frame got underway, it appeared he used most of the fuel in his tank. Limping a bit on his lead leg, which Akiyama kept attacking, Mina tried repeatedly to get Akiyama back on the mat, but couldn’t get him there.

Akiyama landed the uppercut several times on a shooting Mina in the final round, and began picking him apart on the feet, looking like he might find the finishing knockout.

Late in the round, as Akiyama kicked, Mina finally scored a takedown, but Akiyama turned it to his advantage as they hit the mat, landing in top position and unleashing some ground and pound strikes.

He eventually forced Mina to return to his feet, and the Brazilian again shot for the takedown. Akiyama easily avoided it, and looked as if he was going to walk away, but surprised Mina by dropping back to the canvas and battering him with punches, elbows, and hammerfists until the final horn sounded.

At the end of the day, a late Mina takedown in the first round may have swayed the judges and the fight to his favor. When Bruce Buffer announced the scores, Mina took a 29-28 advantage from two of the three judges, upsetting Akiyama, as the crowd rained down its disapproval.

Mina’s improved to 12-0, while Akiyama’s record dropped to 14-6 with 2 no contests.

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Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/ufc-fight-night-79-results-alberto-mina-survives-yoshihiro-akiyama-in-south-korea





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