Welterweight Li Jingliang Notified of Potential Anti-Doping Violation

Chinese welterweight Li Jingliang was notified by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency of a potential policy violation stemming from his July 8 fight against Anton Zafir on The Ultimate Fighter 23 preliminary card.

“The UFC organization was notified by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) that it has informed Li Jingliang of a potential Anti-Doping Policy violation stemming from an out-of-competition sample collection on May 18, 2016,” read a statement released by the UFC on Tuesday.

Li Jingliang“USADA also informed the UFC that it initiated an investigation into the source of the prohibited substance detected in Jingliang’s sample prior to notifying him of the potential violation. Because of this investigation, USADA has not issued a provisional suspension against Jingliang at this time.”

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While not given a provisional suspension by USADA, the matter is now in the hands of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

“USADA, the independent administrator of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, will handle the results management and appropriate adjudication of this case. It is important to note that, under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, a full and fair legal review process is afforded to all athletes before any sanctions are imposed. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has also retained jurisdiction over this matter because Jingliang’s sample was collected prior to his participation on The Ultimate Fighter Finale card on July 8, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada,” the UFC statement read.

“Consistent with all previous potential anti-doping violations, additional information will be provided at the appropriate time as the process moves forward.”

Jingliang, a five-fight UFC veteran, defeated Zafir by knockout. It’s unclear whether the win will remain on his record or be overturned to a No Contest.

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Donald Cerrone Happy with Difficult Win, Taki…

Donald Cerrone overcame difficult circumstances to win at UFC 202 over the weekend, now his sights are set on UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden.

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Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier are both ready to

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Aug 23, 2016

Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/welterweight-li-jingliang-notified-of-potential-anti-doping-violation


Donald Cerrone Happy with Difficult Win, Taking Aim at UFC 205 in New York

UFC welterweight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is on a roll right now, having picked up three wins in a row, including his most recent victory, a second-round TKO of Rick Story at UFC 202 this past weekend.

And though Cerrone was able to get the finish, he admits it was not an easy victory.

“You know, they say you need to be able to win on your worst day and today was mine,” Cerrone said in his post-fight press interview. “I woke up with the worst headache I’ve ever had and I just wasn’t feeling it. It was hard to find the groove tonight.

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Donald Cerrone 2302 WEC 45-750x370“My coaches were getting me fired up and ready to go, but I was able to get through it all and get out there and do the job. There were moments where I didn’t know what I was doing, but I’d hear my coaches and fire back up. I was able to do a good job out there even when I was not feeling great, so that’s all that matters.”

With his bout against Story behind him, Cerrone immediately set his sights on a newly crowned UFC champion for a historic night in the company’s history.

“I called out Eddie Alvarez for New York because I already have a win over him and I think I deserve (another fight with him),” said Cerrone. “I would only go to lightweight again if it meant an immediate title shot though.”

It’s not all or nothing for Cerrone, however, as he added, “My coaches love 170 pounds; I feel great at 170 pounds. I think I can do both, right?”

While the full UFC 205 fight card for the company’s debut New York show at the legendary Madison Square Gardens on Nov. 12 has yet to take shape, if Cerrone has his way, getting a crack at Alvarez for a title that eluded him over a year ago would be the perfect way to close out his 2016.

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Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/donald-cerrone-happy-with-difficult-win-taking-aim-at-ufc-205-in-new-york


UFC 202 Medical Suspensions: Conor McGregor Could Be Out Until Early 2017

Conor McGregor exacted his revenge upon Nate Diaz at UFC 202 on Saturday night, but he could find himself on the shelf until early 2017.

McGregor and Diaz battled back and forth for five rounds, with Diaz looking the worse for the wear, his face bloodied and swollen at the end of the night. He only faced a minimal medical suspension, having to sit out until Sept. 20 to allow his wounds to heal.

McGregor, however, could be out until Feb. 17, 2017. He was issued the suspension due to a possible left foot and/or ankle fracture. If he submits medical clearance from an orthopedist, McGregor could be back sooner, but was issued a minimum suspension until Oct. 20.

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Conor-McGregor-UFC-202-750x370-04As long as his foot and/or ankle is cleared, McGregor could be back in time for the promotion’s next blockbuster, UFC 205 in New York, which takes place on Nov. 12 at Madison Square Garden.

The Nevada Athletic Commission released the UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 medical suspensions to MMAWeekly.com on Monday. The event took place on Saturday, Aug. 20, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 Medical Suspensions

Conor McGregor: Needs left foot/ankle fracture cleared by an orthopedic doctor or no contest until Feb. 17, 2017; minimum suspension until Oct. 20 with no contact until Oct. 5.

Nate Diaz: Suspended until Sept. 20 with no contact in training until Sept. 11 due to left eyebrow cut.

Glover Teixeira: Suspended until Nov. 19 with no contact until Oct. 20.

Rick Story: Suspended until Oct. 5 with no contact until Sept. 20.

Hyun Gyu Lim: Suspended until Oct. 5 with no contact until Sept. 20.

Sabah Homasi: Suspended until Oct. 20 with no contact until Oct. 5.

Takeya Mizugaki: Suspended until Oct. 5 with no contact until Sept. 20.

Artem Lobov: Must have right leg and ankle x-rayed; if positive, then he must have an orthopedic doctor’s clearance or no contest until Feb. 17, 2017.

Chris Avila: Suspended until Sept. 20 with no contact until Sept. 11 due to left leg pain.

Lorenz Larkin: Suspended until Oct. 5 with no contact until Sept. 20 due to left eyebrow and shin lacerations

Neil Magny: Must have left leg x-rayed; if positive, then he must have an orthopedic doctor’s clearance or no contest until Feb. 17, 2017. Minimum suspension until Sept. 20 with no contact until Sept. 11.

Max Griffin: Suspended until Oct. 20 with no contact until Oct. 5.

Marvin Vettori: Suspended until Oct. 5 with no contact until Sept. 20 due to left eyebrow laceration.

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Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/ufc-202-medical-suspensions-conor-mcgregor-could-be-out-until-early-2017


UFC Sale is Final as Notice Goes Out to Fighters

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is now officially in the hands of WME | IMG co-CEO’s Ari Emanual and Patrick Whitesell.

UFC officials confirmed to MMAWeekly.com that the company switched hands last Wednesday, which was the last day on the job for UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta. Dana White signed a five-year deal to remain as president of the company under the new ownership.

TRENDING  UFC 202 Fighter Salaries: McGregor and Diaz Account for $5 Million of $6.1 Million Payroll

Lorenzo-Fertitta-UFC-Groundbreaking-aIn a recent interview with Multichannel News, White expressed his excitement for what WME | IMG brings to the table in regards to continuing the global expansion of the UFC brand.

“This is what they do. If you look at Frank, Lorenzo and I, when we got involved in this business we weren’t television or sports guys. We’ve never done any of that stuff. The thing about us is we were huge fight fans and we knew exactly what we wanted. We knew the product we wanted, we knew what we wanted it to look like, and we knew we wanted to put on the best fights that you could possibly put on,” said White.

“[WME co-CEOs] Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell are media guys. This is what they do. This is what they are good at. This is what they drive to work and do every day. So I think this brings so much to the table. Then, if you look at the [IMG] side, with production in other countries and everything else, once we get this thing dialed in, it’s gonna be awesome. I am excited for this next phase.”

Emanuel and Whitesell sent the following email to fighters on Friday:

Our team’s been honored to represent UFC and work with a number of you on the entertainment side for the past few years. We’ve had a front row seat as both a partner and as a fan to witness your dedication to this sport and UFC’s remarkable work in growing MMA’s popularity and elevating the organization on a global scale.

We couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds for UFC and for all of you. As UFC’s new operating partner, we will be working with Dana and the UFC team to amplify the work that’s already been done by mobilizing all of the sports and entertainment assets we have available to us in our international network.

We look forward to working with you and welcome any ideas and feedback as we begin this new chapter together.

Ari Emanuel Patrick Whitesell

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Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/ufc-sale-is-final-as-notice-goes-out-to-fighters


UFC 202 Takeaways: Let’s Go Ahead and Book Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 3

What goes around comes around, and for Nate Diaz, it came back around in a big way at UFC 202. After 25 grueling minutes, the seemingly inevitable happened: Conor McGregor got his win back. Diaz, of course, told everyone afterward that he really won the fight, but his face didn’t seem to suggest that he was dominant, much less victorious Saturday night in Las Vegas.

UFC 202 featured a tremendous main event, and a mind-blowing co-main event that was tough to watch. Now that we have the biggest rematch in history behind us, what’s next for the UFC? If you are McGregor and Diaz, here comes the money. Even more of it.

6. McGregor Proved He’s No Fluke

McGregor seemed destined to defeat Diaz in the rematch, regardless of what the critics said. He clearly was the hungrier fighter. He wanted to win more than Diaz did. McGregor was able to make the adjustments necessary. He made smart decisions inside that cage. When he injured Diaz early he made a point not to go to the ground with him. He was strategic in his offense. He leg-kicked Diaz throughout the fight, and bloodied the Stockton fighter with his fists. McGregor adjusted his game, but Diaz didn’t. For all his talk, he adjusted in the ring, and pushed through his periods of fatigue to bounce back and do enough to defeat Diaz.

5. McGregor Will Be Close to Unbeatable at Featherweight

After two wars with Diaz, it’s not likely that anyone in the featherweight division is going to have a shot at beating him. He simply hits too hard and, with his left-handed status, he’s an awkward fighter to defend against. McGregor will get most tested at lightweight, but even there he’ll probably dominate. The experience McGregor gained from these two fights with Diaz will make it tough for anyone to compete with him. Jose Aldo’s going to have a really tough time in a rematch.

4. Nate Diaz Beat Himself

Diaz can complain about the rib or other injury sustained prior to the fight, but the truth is that he simply did not rise to the occasion. He had opportunities to defeat McGregor in the later rounds, but couldn’t capitalize. McGregor was gassed, exhausted, and Diaz didn’t jump on him or leave it all in the cage. Diaz should be frustrated with himself because he got beat by a smaller guy who busted his face up for most of the five rounds. Diaz should have taken more chances — that’s what champions do. Unfortunately, he fought like his brother Nick does in big fights — just enough to survive. When you are fighting someone who is hungrier, that never works.

3. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson Has A Bright Future

Anthony Johnson destroyed Glover Teixeira, knocking his tooth out with one big uppercut. That’s dangerous power. No one in MMA could survive that shot. He nearly knocked out Daniel Cormier with a punch that didn’t land as flush as the punch that hit Teixeira. With that kind of power, Teixeira will always be in the fight. It’s up to his opponents to decide not to trade punches with Johnson. They will lose every time. Teixeira made a huge mistake standing with Johnson. Johnson is a championship contender, at light heavyweight or heavyweight. Cormier may be wishing Jon Jones returns soon because Johnson looks like the more dangerous option.

2. The UFC Needs To Heavily Fine McGregor and Diaz For Their Pre-Fight Shenanigans

MMA took a big step backwards when McGregor and Diaz started throwing water bottles at the pre-fight press conference. That’s the type of behavior that gives MMA a bad rap. When you talk about building a new generation of fans, the UFC isn’t enticing young people and their parents to endorse MMA when the top guys in the sport are dropping F-bombs and dangerously throwing water bottles as weapons. If UFC President Dana White wants to do something good for the sport, he needs to take action and let the fighters know that that type of behavior is unacceptable.

1. McGregor Should Vacate the Featherweight Championship, Fight Diaz Next in a Trilogy 

Bad things happen when fighters delay fights. Haven’t we learned from the Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey situation? Diaz and McGregor aren’t getting any younger. The idea that they are going to go their separate ways and then magically come back together a year or two from now is just a fantasy. Diaz could lose. McGregor could lose. All you need is one failed USADA drug test and one of these guys is out for a long time. The money in a third fight is now. Both guys are ailing. Book the third match for the UFC card the night before the Super Bowl and then be done with it. The third fight will settle the score.

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Article source: http://www.mmaweekly.com/ufc-202-takeaways-lets-go-ahead-and-book-conor-mcgregor-vs-nate-diaz-3





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