Joey Munoz – New and Improved

FF: Hey man how you doin’?

JM: Good. I just got off of work.


FF: Oh right, last time we talked you mentioned the bean harvest
was coming up…

JM: Yeah, I work at Kelly Bean so we just harvest
beans…loading/unloading trucks. It takes up a lot of time, I work early
morning until late at night throughout it. It’s over now finally but I was
still able to go to the gym 2-3 times a week so I didn’t get too out of shape.


FF: So before the harvest, you were on a streak winning 3 fights
in less than 2 months and looked good in all of them. What have you been up to
MMA-wise since then?

JM: I’ve been studying my past fights, looking at what I need to
work on. Anything that will help me get better, that’s what I’ve been doing.


FF: What have you found in those study sessions?

JM: I’ve noticed I keep my head and my shoulders in the same
place and I really don’t turn into my punches as much. So I’ve been working of
footwork, head movement, extending my arms fully. Pretty much hit all the
basics that we possibly could. Training camp is going great. Our conditioning
is still as good as ever and our techniques have improved. I’m hoping to be the
same fighter you saw before just a much better striker.


FF: Are you still training at Final Round Fitness?

JM: Yes.


FF: Have you gotten word who your opponent will be or is it still
to be determined?

JM: Well, the last guy pulled out and so I’m still waiting to
hear who I’ll fight. I do know that it will be at 55’s though.


FF:  Is your 155 pound
title on the line for this fight?

JM: I think so. It was before my last opponent pulled out but now
that it’s going to be a new guy I’m not sure.


FF: I notice there is a Nathan Saucedo fighting on this card. Any
relation to your trainer Chris Saucedo?

JM: Yeah, he’s actually Chris’ little brother. We have another
guy named Angel Hernandez fighting out of our gym. Nathan is a 185 pounder and
Angel is fighting at 155. They’re both improving and very exciting.


FF: Great. Well we’ll look for them as well as an improved
version of yourself. Anything else before we see you Saturday?

JM: No, that’s about all I can think of.


FF: Thanks for talking and good luck.

JM: Thanks a lot.



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